The Ultimate Buying Guide for Outdoor Heating Pumps in West Yorkshire

Heat pumps utilise energy to relocate heat and are routinely employed for warming the interiors and heating swimming pools. The optimal temperature range for the smooth operation of outdoor heat pumps in West Yorkshire and other places in the UK tend to be seven degree Celsius to ten degree Celsius, which is the typical temperature gamut for external pools.

Although they are generally costlier when compared to the gas pool heaters, the increased energy efficiency resulting in reduced utility expenditure offsets the difference in pricing. Furthermore, they are usually known to have a greater lifecycle in comparison with the gas pool heaters. Hence, the outdoor heat pump, or OHP, in short, is an investment worth opting for.


The configuration of an outdoor heat pump is fundamentally simple and comprised of five essential components, namely, a blower, water ducts, a condenser, a compressor, and an evaporator.

⚫ Water passes through the outdoor heat pump before reaching a filter first and then travels to the heater

⚫ The heater accumulates air from the surrounding environment with the help of a fan and pushes it to the evaporator

⚫ The evaporating coil is equipped with a refrigerant that sources thermal energy from the air and produces gas

⚫ The gas is then made to go through the compressor, which, in turn, increases the temperature in the process

⚫ The super-hot gas enters the condenser, the coils of which effectively brings down its temperature and transfers the thermal energy to the water for increasing the fluid temperature before it arrives at the heater and then mixes with the pool water

⚫ The condenser filled with the hot gas makes it liquid, which then approaches the evaporator for reiterating the cycle

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There are different variables at play that have a considerable impact on the optimal size of the pool pump heaters. To put things into perspective, if your pool happens to be situated in areas with cool nights, reduced levels of humidity, and above-average wind speed, you are going to require a bigger pool heater. Note that you can compute the appropriate heater size in the following steps.

⚫ Identify the desired temperature of your outdoor pool (X)

⚫ Identify the required mean temperature during the coldest months of operation (Y)

⚫ Temperature rise = X – Y

⚫ Assess the surface area of your swimming pool in square feet

⚫ Calculate the quantum of energy required by the heater to warm a unit square area

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The coefficient of performance, or COP, in short, which ranges from three to five or three-hundred per cent to seven-hundred per cent, is utilised for evaluating the operating efficiency of an OHP. It essentially means that three or seven units of heat are produced as per the COP value for every unit of electric energy required by the compressor for its operation.

The more its COP value, the better your device would be in terms of performance. However, there is no established procedure as of now to measure the COP and it is also not possible for you to compare the models made by two different manufacturers as there is no guarantee that they have performed the efficiency benchmarking during comparable test conditions.

It may also be worth noting that the standard test conditions imply twenty-six degree Celsius for both the outside environment and swimming pool.


In addition to taking into account the cost of setting up the heat pump, you are also expected to factor in the maintenance expenses and how many units of electricity are required to keep it running.


If you need to purchase and install an outdoor heat pumps in West Yorkshire for your swimming pool, you may consult an acclaimed company in the vicinity that specialises in equipment and accessories for external pools, such as the Damar Supplies Limited.